Raina styles interiors, food and lifestyle. Her talents include producing, designing sets and art directing shoots.

She has been designing since she was a kid—first creating clothes for Barbie and later for herself, as well as constantly redecorating her room. Her favorite pastimes as a girl were reading Vogue and shopping at Bloomingdales with her dad—respected photographer Sy Kattelson.

At 20, while studying fashion and display design at Parsons, Raina started Woojee Wear, a line of kids clothing sold across the country in boutiques and department stores. From there she grew to realize that her true interests were in creating images and began her career as a freelance stylist.

Raina’s clients range from magazines such as Country Living and Anthology, publishers Stewart Tabori and Chang, Monacelli and Potter Books and designers Thom Filicia, Darren Henault and Matthew Patrick Smyth.

Photographers include Bjorn Wallander, Eric Piasecki, Philip Ficks, John Gruen, Jennifer May, Zach Desart, William Brinson and Tara Dunne.